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Mixing is the second step in the recording process. It is where we take the individually recorded tracks and manipulate them to achieve the tonal balance and quality of a professional CD.


Here at Indivisible Productions we have the experience and tools to take your songs to the next level. Once songs are tracked through our high quality gear and are stored at 24-bit quality we’re ready to mix.


Our workhorse tool for both tracking and mixing is our Steinberg Nuendo 3 DAWNuendo has fast become one of the best native alternatives to Pro Tools in our industry. We chose Nuendo over Pro Tools due to its sound quality, compatibility with other DAWs, and networked processing power that allows the sound quality of a full blown Pro Tools studio without the hefty price tag. We can then pass the savings on to our clients without sacrificing quality.


We begin mixing by bringing up the tracks that have been recorded (hopefully here at Indivisible Productions!) We start to balance the individual instruments through panning and volume adjustments as well as processing like compression and eq. We’ll listen on a couple of different speaker systems to make sure things not only sound good here on the big studio speakers but also on smaller speakers and adjust accordingly. Drums and bass guitar are usually the first things we work on when mixing. Mixing is like building a house. We need a strong foundation on which to build our house. Drums and bass are foundation on which the song is built. Once those elements are happening we then can bring in the other instruments like guitars and keyboards. Lastly we bring in the lead vocals and harmony vocals.

A typical 5-song demo cd can take up to 8-hours depending on how elaborate the arrangements are. The first song usually takes the longest because everything is started from scratch. Some digital studios have mixing “templates” to save time but we feel that you can get “cookie cutter” songs when working that way. Here at Indivisible Productions, we think that each project is unique and should be treated individually. The other songs do have the benefit of starting with similar mixer settings as this will help with continuity between the songs.


Studio Mixing Rates

Hourly Rate $ 35

Overtime Rate $ 45

Block Rates Available On Request

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