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    Indivisible Productions records with a high quality analog front end and features superior 24-bit digital storage. Our technicians are equipped with the finest quality in recording gear, with such trusted names as Avalon, Alesis, Lexicon, and more. Our P4 3.0ghz audio computer is equipped with Steinberg Nuendo 3 for tracking, mixing and editing.

    A Typical Tracking Session

    For those of you out there with little or no recording studio experience let’s go through a typical tracking session here at Indivisible Productions. In this example we’ll be tracking a 5-song demo quality cd. Our ‘band’ will consist of 4 players – drums, bass, electric guitar, and vocals.


We’ll begin our session by bringing in the drummer. This involves drum set up, tuning and micing the set to get a good sound. This process usually takes 1-2 hours. Keep in mind that Indivisible Productions has a well-maintained, tuned, and great-sounding drumset available for bands to use. If you choose to use your own drumset setup time will probable take a bit longer.


Cutting Basic Tracks

Once the drums are happening in our Live Room we’ll move on to the bass guitar. Most of the time we’ll track bass through our 737ST. It’s a great pre with tons of warmth and punch. We can also mic up a bass amp if you’d like. There would be more set up time involved though. Next, we’ll set up the electric guitar amp in our Iso Booth. This will prevent amp leakage into the drum room and allow us to mic the guitar amp. We can take the guitar signal direct into the mixer through our Fender Blues Jr, or the laney Linebacker amps as an alternative method. Now we give the vocalist a mic and we’re ready to track the first song. Keep in mind that at this point our main concerns are getting keeper drum/bass/groove tracks with a scratch vocal. Figure in about 6-8 hours for this stage of recording. The first track usually takes the longest (I don’t know why). Remember, have fun and enjoy yourselves!



Overdubbing is where we’ll add guitar solos, doubling rhythm guitar parts, acoustic guitar, shakers, tambourines, and anything else to finish the songs off. Count on spending at least 6 hours of overdubbing for a 5-song demo cd.


Our last step is to finish the vocal tracks. This also includes any harmony vocals that are necessary. This step in the recording process can take 2-5 hours depending on how elaborate the vocal arrangements are and how prepared the vocalist is.

Mixing - Where we take the multi tracks and mix them to stereo. We also pan, balance, and add effects at this stage. Plan on 1-2 hours per song for this. See our Mixing Page for details.

Mastering – Where we take the 5 mixed songs and put them in the right order, do fades, and adjust overall EQ and compression. This usually takes about 4-5 hours for this. See The Mastering Lab Page for details.


So, the typical 5-song demo cd breaks down like this:

Setup 2 Hours
Basic Tracks 10 Hours
Overdubs 6 Hours
Vocals 4 Hours
Mixdown 8 Hours
Mastering 5 Hours

Total 35 Hours

This may sound like a lot of time but remember these times are approximate and depend mostly on how prepared the band is and how picky about small mistakes everyone is.


We hope this clarifies the process for you recording virgins out there! Please feel free to with any questions you have about the tracking process - or to book studio time!

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